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    Goodgod Small Club & Supper Club

    Where: 53 - 55 Liverpool St Sydney
    Opening Hours: Wed: 5pm-1am, Thurs: 5pm-2am, Fri: 5pm-5am, Sat: 8pm-5am
    Phone: 02 8084 0587

    When it opened is 2009, you used to get to Goodgod Small Club - tucked away at the back of La Campagna in the Spanish Quarter - by traipsing through an eerily vacant bar to get to the party. And while the club is still a dancing haven, with music nights covering genres as various as rockabilly, indie and Jamaican reggae, the bar is now decked out like a late '80s music video. In an entirely awesome way.

    Goodgod isn't really a cocktail bar, so your best bet is to grab a beer, a glass of wine or a jug of something - Pimm's and Sangria are always a good bet - and seat yourself in a whitewashed grotto booth. The scenery is subterranean and oddly tropical at the same time, with blue lights in the pot plants, pebbles on the bar and dark mood lighting throughout.

    I have never been to Goodgod before midnight. On the last occasion, when I had a pen on me, I turned up at two in the morning, and the place was awake but relaxed, and the DJ played happily in the centre of the room. Two hipster girls swayed alone and made out with each other on the checkered dance floor, gentlemen in teeny-tiny shorts sporting neat moustaches sauntered past our booth, and the lovely bar staff walked past intermittently to check whether my friend who was "resting her eyes" had actually passed out, while the rest of us sat drinking and discussing the things that only ever get discussed at that time of the night. And Goodgod is exactly the kind of place you want to be at in the wee hours.

    With the addition of the bar to Goodgod's wild club nights, where touring acts often stop to play secret one-off shows, it is now one of Sydney's best late night haunts and the scene of the kind of Dionysian debauchery you'll remember your youth by.

    By Madeleine Watts



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    Goodgod Small Club & Supper Club

    Goodgod Small Club & Supper Club

    -33.8764,151.205,Good God Small Club,53 - 55 Liverpool St Sydney
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