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    The Abercrombie

    Where: Cnr Broadway and Abercrombie Sydney 2000
    Opening Hours: Not yet available

    Never fear: the bones of this grungy pub are still the same. From the outside, it looks like the good ol' Abercrombie. Inside, there's still plenty of character but the tartan carpet is clean, the tiled walls have been nicely restored and there are quirky little touches everywhere. Homely pictures cover the walls, knick knacks that you might find in a crazy hip grannyís house hang above the bar, and there's disco lights all over the place. Itís clearly designed for the uni crowd, with prices to match, and itís a lot of fun in here.

    The fun continues with the food and a crazy drinks list - look out for Camel Toe and MacGyver. As is the trend, Abercrombie specialises in comfort food meets greasy hangover, with a touch of Mexican. And there's plenty of good matches to be made, particularly with the designed-for-drinking grits menu. Try the Scotch Egg Slider ($6) with† a Coopers Lagerita ($13), Chorizo and Jalapeno Tacos ($5.50) with a Berocca Colada ($13) and/or a Mac N Cheese Ball ($12) with Rave Juice ($13). Rave Juice, you say? That's Red Bull and Agwa in a glad bag, with glow stick and straw. Yes, really.

    The uni theme also extends into the mains. Pick from a Philly Cheese Steak ($17) or Schnitzel with Bolognaise ($16) and, for dessert, it's hard to go past a Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($7).

    The Abercrombie is the uni bar we all wanted - it might even tempt you to re-enrol.

    By Jeanine Bribosia



    Ideal Drink:
    Rave Juice, with a side of Mac and Cheese Balls


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    The Abercrombie

    The Abercrombie

    -33.8843582,151.198595,The Abercrombie,Cnr Broadway and Abercrombie Sydney 2000
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