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    Stitch Bar

    Where: 61 York Street Sydney 2000
    Opening Hours: Mon - Tue 4pm - 12am, Wed 4pm - 2am, Thu - Fri 12pm - 2am, Sat 4pm - 2am
    Phone: 02 9279 0380

    Stitch might be hard to find, with its subtle tailorís shop front and staircase to the subterranean bar, if it werenít for the frequent queue that forms in this nondescript part of York Street. Itís a tough job to get in and, once you are allowed past the shop front and down the dark stairs, youíll know why.

    Itís a tiny, pumping, crowded spot with comfy booths on one side and small, hotly contested tables on the other, where hot dogs and strong cocktails are the bar fare of choice. The tailors theme is present with old sewing tables and sewing machines under the bar, but thatís where the sweet grandma vibe ends.

    This small bar is low lit, it gets pretty noisy at peak hour and there is some serious booze on the list - and not just in the spirits department. There is vintage Dom Peringnon, glasses of Chianti or great Aussie whites, and then of course the cocktails. Try a good classic like a Tom Collins, a more modern concoction like a Monkey Magic or pick from the selection of aged whiskey.

    Many may pretend they come to Stitch purely for the drinks but most are here because itís a great excuse to have a hot dog. And there are some fancy dawgs here too: one made with duck, orange and foie gras (the Mack Ducky) and one with Toulouse style sausage with brie (the French Poodle).

    We repeat, get there early: it may be hard to find but the word is out, and plenty before you will find that little tailorís shopfront.

    By Jeanine Bribosia



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    Little Miss Sunshine

    Small Bar

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    Stitch Bar

    Stitch Bar

    -33.8674061,151.2056941,Stitch,61 York Street Sydney 2000
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