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    Arcadia Liquors

    Where: 7 Cope Street Redfern
    Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 4pm – 12am, Sat – Sun 12pm – 12am
    Phone: 0411 652 987

    For lovers of small bars, there are few places more exciting than Redfern. With players like Dry Land and The Dock setting a high standard, any new venue has a lot to live up to. Arcadia Liquors sees these expectations, exceeds them and then offers them a grilled cheese sandwich.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the space; it's more expansive than cosy. Arcadia Liquors has high ceilings with mostly bare walls, so even when the venue gets crowded, it doesn’t get claustrophobic. Through the back hides a small beer garden with an impressive amount of greenery — it’s almost enough to make you forget your inner city location.

    The wine list is reasonably priced, and is mostly Australian with a few of the mandatory Spanish and South American inclusions. If you’re after a beer, the list is pretty standard, this time with a few German options thrown in. The bartenders are friendly enough and willing to at least attempt to make whatever cocktail you request in lieu of a list. And there isn’t a menu as such, but toasted sandwiches are available, and bowls of spiced nuts are on the house.

    Arcadia Liquors has everything you’d expect to find in a small bar, right down to the spinning vinyl and bearded bar staff. It isn’t out to start a revolution or re-invent the martini, it's just here to have a good night and ensure you have the same. It’s this friendly, welcoming attitude that’ll bring you back time and time again.

    By Sigourney Berndt



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    Arcadia Liquors

    -33.892682,151.20075,Arcadia Liquors,7 Cope Street Redfern
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