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    Berlin's U-Bahn Wrapped in Yarn


    It can get pretty chilly in the depths of a Berlin winter. Just the thought of it makes me want to wrap up in woolly jumpers and cozy down with a cup of tea. Berlin commuters need brightening up on those grey days, and it's no wonder that art projects like this spring up. The video below documents how a group of guerilla knitters (disguised appropriately in hilarious knitted beards) installed a kaleidoscope of knitting in the carriage of one of Berlin's metro trains.

    The guerilla art practice is known as 'yarn-bombing' and is considered an easily-removed alternative to your garden variety spray can graffiti. The knitting in the Berlin U-Bahn carriage remained in tact for a day's circulation, after which it was removed by security. Three months of knitting, one hour of installation, a day's worth of cozy, woolly, technicolour joy – all gone.

    One of the artists said, however, that "I think we cheered up a fair amount of weary travellers on a gloomy January day!"

    [Via Wooster Collective]

    By Amelia Walkley

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