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    New Contemporary Galleries

    When: Saturday, 21 May - Wednesday, 2 May
    Where: AGNSW , Art Gallery Rd, The Domain
    How much: FREE

    John Kaldor: what a dude. He's been comissioning art since the 1950s and is a patron, collector and general all-round play-maker for the contemporary arts in Australia as well as serving on boards and councils for major international art organisations. He's discovered things and endowed them and is so beloved by the arts community that when he spoke at a graduation ceremony at the National Art School last year the Cell Block Theatre overflowed with people who crowded around doorways trying to hear him. Being such a dude, he's now not only gifted the Art Gallery of New South Wales his personal collection, but has donated enough to fund (with additional money from the Belgiorno-Nettis family, who are also no slouches in the arts department) a new gallery floor.

    When the John Kaldor Family Galleries, as they're to be known, open on April 21st, AGNSW will double the space it has for exhibiting contemporary art. Selections from The Kaldor Family Collection will occupy the space exclusively until March 2012, and will always be represented in the gallery. To celebrate this major historical OMG, the 21st and 22nd have been designated an Open Weekend with performances, talks, film screenings and the chance to paint on the walls of the new space. I don't know if I'm allowed to say 'Holy shit wow!' on here, but if so: "Holy shit wow!"

    By Bethany Small

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    New Contemporary Galleries

    -33.8686,151.216,AGNSW,Art Gallery Rd, The Domain

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