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    Tom Kuntz & Lucky Dragons

    When: Friday, 27 May - Monday, 13 June
    Where: Sydney Opera House , 2 Macquarie St Sydney
    How much: FREE

    Watching filmmaker Tom Kuntz's work you get the unsettling feeling he has somehow tapped into our collective subconscious and is hanging out our dirty washing for all to see. In his advertising work, such as for Skittles, he employs seemingly unrelated objects or concepts to symbolise our hidden desires, the elusive want, which can in fact be directed towards whatever product is being advertised. This relationship between the 'signifier' (i.e. whatever appears in the film) and the 'signified' (the desired object) was examined in great detail by the famous French psychoanalyst Lacan. His theories would provide some good background reading for this event.

    Produced in collaboration with maverick music deconstructoralists the Lucky Dragons, the untested installation, which will run for two weeks as part of VIVID Sydney, will be an experiment in image and sound. The objects portrayed will be insects, represented by images of large, unearthly looking insects and with sounds made by either rudimentary musical instruments, or by body parts. It will most likely make no sense, and perfect sense, at the same time.

    Tom Kuntz has made music videos for bands such as the Avalanches, Electric Six, MGMT and LCD Soundsystem. His advertising work has included ads Skittles and Old Spice, and he's also made several very intriguing short films. His installation will be running for the duration of the festival from 11am daily.

    By Leah Thomas

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    Tom Kuntz & Lucky Dragons

    -33.8584,151.215,Sydney Opera House,2 Macquarie St Sydney

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