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    Behind the Lines

    When: Wednesday, 11 April - Sunday, 27 May
    Where: Riverside Theatres , Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
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    Political cartoons capture the social atmosphere of a moment. Contained in a few drawings and perhaps a witty phrase or two is the overwhelming attitude of, if not a nation, at least a faction of it. Looking back at the best political cartoons of 2011 is to contextualize and review the thoughts and fears of Australians over the past year. Each cartoon is a snapshot, revealing the particular events and personalities which influenced the cartoonist.

    Behind the Lines: The Best Political Cartoons of 2011 allows attendees to review the year's political happenings while celebrating the art of political cartooning as a whole. Gathered from newspapers, journals, and websites, these cartoons allow Australians to contemplate the state of Australian politics as it stood in 2011, and as it stands today.

    The Riverside opens 9-5 Monday to Friday, 9.30-1 on Saturdays and an hour before performances. Image by Andrew Marlton

    By Anya Krenicki

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    Behind the Lines

    -33.8671,151.207,Riverside Theatres,Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta

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