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    Peter Tyndall

    When: Wednesday, 21 November - Saturday, 22 December
    Where: Anna Schwartz Gallery , 245 Wilson Street, Darlington
    How much: FREE

    Don’t think you’re going bananas when you read the titles of all the works on display by Peter Tyndall at Anna Schwartz. They are all the same. Clearly concerned with the way we process visual art, this critically acclaimed Australian conceptual artist names everything ’A Person Looks At A Work Of ARt/someone looks at something… LOGOS/HA HA. When you think about it, for an artist, naming every artwork the same probably saves as much time as if you and I were to never again ponder what’s for dinner and just eat the same thing every night.

    Luckily, this career-spanning retrospective is more interesting and diverse than eating takeaway from Thai Me Up seven nights a week. Through 22 December, this is a rare chance to see 20 years of the cryptic images, unidentifiable icons, and text that inform Tyndall, and create his visual aesthetic which is heavy ideas posing as pop art.

    Image: A Person Looks At A Work Of Art/ someone looks at something.....  LOGOS/HA HA 1979-1989- by Peter Tyndall.

    By Wilfred Brandt

    Will You Be Attending?

    Peter Tyndall

    -33.8935,151.19,Anna Schwartz Gallery ,245 Wilson Street, Darlington

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