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New Google Music Service Unveiled

The Beta version of Google’s long rumoured music service, Google Music, was released on Wednesday. The service lets you to upload your music collection directly to the service from CDs, iTunes or Windows Media Player, allowing you to access your music using any browser anywhere.

Utilising Cloud technology, the service allows much simpler devices to run at much more complicated levels of output by an outsourcing of technology requirements, in this case memory storage. Although very similar to the recently released Amazon Cloud service, the Google variant is a lot easier to use, with the user interface simplified drastically and the typeface very similar to the older Google applications.

Although free and accessible, the program is still within the testing phase, with early reports suggesting annoying long load times when starting the program and uploading music. Although not the first of its kind, simply being equipped with the Google brand will ensure this program gets a lot more attention, deserved or not.

[Via Mashable]

May 12, 2011 by Julian Larnach


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