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Urban Beekeeping Hits New York's Rooftops

In March 2010, a decade-long ban on beekeeping was overturned in New York causing a boom in the instances of bee hives on rooftops across NYC. This popularity was highlighted in August this year when beekeeping communities fought over a beehive in Fort Green Park, Brooklyn, after Hurricane Irene destroyed its host tree.

Now, as part of the Microbial Home Probe Project, Philips has tapped into the growing trend and designed a sleek looking urban beehive that makes the most of the impressive way in which honey bees work, housing the hive inside an attractive glass shell. According to the manufacturer, the concept beehive 'is designed to allow us a glimpse into the fascinating world of these industrious creatures and to harvest the honey that they produce', and was designed to 'respect the natural behaviour of bees.'

[via PSFK]

November 14, 2011 by Clarizza Fernandez


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