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    Green Gourmet

    Where: 15-17 King St. Newtown
    Opening Hours: Mon - Thu 12pm-3pm 6pm-10pm Fri - Sat 12pm-3pm 6pm-11pm Sun 12pm-3pm 6pm-10pm
    Phone: (02) 9519 5330

    Green Gourmet features a menu that reads like a vegan's heaven on earth. All dishes are entirely meat-free, dairy-free and (interestingly) free of onion and garlic as well. Green Gourmet buys into the the ancient vegetarian practices of China and India, which tout vegetarianism as a means to rediscover 'universal love' and the pure character of man. Part of that practice is to eliminate all spicy-scented vegetables (including onion, garlic, leeks, spring onion, and chives) which are believed to induce offensive reactions, from bad breath to lustfulness.

    Whether you are excited by Green Gourmet's adherence to these practices or thinking, 'Shit, the food will have no flavour', prepare to leave full and happy - and perhaps pleasantly surprised. Green Gourmet is family-owned and bases its business around creating nutritious food to benefit mind and body. The health vibes are apparent, making customers feel like they are cared about. And, don't worry, your tastebuds will be taken care of too.

    With two restaurant locations (one in Newtown, one in St. Leonards) and the Vegan's Choice Grocery located in Newtown, Green Gourmet is clearly enjoying a regular crowd. Jump on this vegan bandwagon and stop in for Pan-Fried Fresh Mushroom with Taro Stuffing, a scrumptious dish featuring a taro-stuffed mushroom with sticky rice and peanuts. The light soy sauce incorporates fresh-tasting broccoli and goji berries. If you prefer a spicy dish, I recommend the Rainbow Shredded Delight - but don't let the name fool you. The dish includes crispy tofu skin, which has been shredded and fried, mushrooms and seaweed, all tossed in a black vinegar sauce. Both dishes will set you back a mere $15.80, the going price for the majority of the menu's mains. Make sure you save room for dessert, too. The banana fritter with tofu ice cream is especially divine.

    After your meal, stop by the Vegan's Choice Grocery if, like me, you couldn't bear the thought of parting for home without taking along some Green Gourmet.

    By Anya Krenicki



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    Diamond Curry Snack Pan-Fried Mushroom with Taro Stuffing Banana Fritter with Tofu Ice Cream

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    Green Gourmet

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